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Sha Sha will be part of this exhibit in Japan this Fall

2012年9月29日 - 10月8




stopped in Japan on my way back from Indonesia. I love Japan and try to stop through there whenever possible. I had an exciting collaboration with the musicians at Shobu Gakuen, a school and home for autistic people. Shobu Gakuen is a facility for people with developmental disabilities.Residents of this place create stunning textile art as well as craft work of all kinds. Shin Fukumori and his wife, Noriko, are the directors. It was organized by Hiroko Horiguchi,my friend. Shobu Gakuen comprises a complex of elegant wooden buildings completed in 2006 and designed by William Brouwer. They have a fabulous sewing project  called the "Nui" Project as well as a music group,workshops in ceramics, lacquer,and woodworking. They give them the materials to work with but do not teach anything and see what emerges from them. Sometimes some guidance is given. The goods the people make are sold in the shop there or they have events such as the fashion shows or events like mine. The place is artfully designed architecturally with no corners to inspire a social peace. They have community meals and dormitories . They have a staff of 60. I never had such a staff of helpers! The show was outside at night with huge  paper boulders lit up around. "The band" was conducted by the director "Shinsan" of Shobu. He was very intense and excited,a performer in his own rite,with the sounds produced like ancient "fusion" or weird blends archaic psuedo Indonesian, combined with drumming and chimes and clatter,sometimes archaic, actually quite appropriate for me. People mentioned it was like a moving temple in Bangkok coming alive  Everyone was very excited. Would love to do this again in our bay area. Will find a grant or space to do it in.

(()3/11)But during the rehearsal at Shobu Gakuen,ensued the earthquake with news of the tsunami coming right before the show. We were way south so the performance went on as normal.  I wish at that moment we could have made it a benefit for the earthquake victims but it was too early to do so. People can make donations at Red Cross and look at


Here is a link for a petition

HELP JAPAN Shut down Hamaoka and Tokai nuclear power plants - Sign the Petition!

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signatures are still needed!

My last show was canceled. Too many people had died. People hesitant to go out.

(03/15)An earthquake, but just an 6.2 aftershock rippled through the subway waiting for the train. Everything shivered people grabbed things to hold onto. An exhilaration!  People wearing masks and an umbrella for the potential radiation unknown. Intense seriousness everywhere. Just the horror of what can happen. One looks at everything with with the feeling of the end. Cement and cement buildings in this city looks really bleak and haunted now. Finally after half and hour the train is running but we do not know about the real cause. Our friend there said her friends are moving away but she would stay,as this is her home.

(3/16)On the way to the airport we were stopped in the station for  over 45 minutes. the train did not move and apologies from the railroad echoed continuously in overlapping delays on the load speakers. A man walks by me with a huge pipe wrench. The energy is dark and  in shock. People had to walk home for hours the day before

We made it  at last to the airport and were able to get the last 2 standby tickets to return to San Francisco. People very helpful and kind, I cannot believe it. We had heard the airport would be crazy but it all seemed normal but empty. Some friends from Japan refused to go back to Tokyo and stayed in the south but maybe they will try now. Strange to have the streets in Tokyo quiet. People have been told not to go out.

Slowly I will update my blog from this trip at