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ARTHOUSE on R Presents:  "Mysterious Theater Forms-the Work of Sha Sha Higby” 


A selection from Sha Sha Higby’s costumes, sculptures, jewelry, working drawings & masks. Workshops and a surprise performance is also scheduled.


International performance/sculptural artist, Sha Sha Higby is known for her evocative and haunting performances using the exquisite and ephemeral body sculpture she meticulously creates herself and moves within. Elaborate sculptural costume, dance, and puppetry explore magic and emotion, creating an atmospheric world within the borders between death and life. Higby started out making dolls and pursued the art of puppetry and sculpture in her early years which evolved into “moving sculpture.” Ms. Higby has performed her unique body of work throughout the United States, and internationally in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Slovak, Bulgaria, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Germany and Holland. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards including the National Endowment for the Arts Solo Theater Artist Fellowship, The Zellerbach Family Fund, and The California Arts Council New Genre Individual Artist Fellowship. 


ARTHOUSE on R, 1021 R Street, Sacramento, CA


Opening Reception - Saturday, May 14th, 6 – 9 PM

Closing Reception and Impromptu Performance Friday, June 3rd, 6 – 9 PM

Workshop – Masks & Movement - Saturday, June 4th 10 AM – 12:30 PM

Workshop – TBD Workshop - Saturday, June 4th  2 – 5:30 PM

More details available on Sha Sha Higby websites/facebook pages


The exhibit will be up in the main gallery from May, 14th through Saturday, June 4th, 2016.  The upstairs gallery is open during business hours. (Sunday 11- 4, Monday through Saturday 10-6) Artist’s studios are opened every Second Saturday and every First Friday from 6-9 for the Sacramento Art Walk or by appointment with the artist.

Contact :  

LaLa @916-342-5905 call/text

For More Information Contact:
Sha Sha Higby:

1 (415)860-6648

Throckmorton Theatre Presents

Sha Sha Higby:

1 (415)860-6648




Sculptural costume artist, Sha Sha Higby uses sculpture as a body sculpture she makes & performs in to create a poetic plot in solo performance. Internationally renowned for her evocative and haunting performances, she is influenced by her studies in Asia, Noh Theater, Butoh and shadow puppets.

WHAT: The show explores  Sha Sha’s premier “a Paper Wing II” and her latest Wing developments!,

a whimsical journey of life, death, and rebirth through ephemeral images that evoke the passage of time and day, or the shifting of the seasons. Using the manipulation of hand crafted materials, textures and exotic sculptural costume interwoven with glass finger puppetry, dance and intricate props, it takes Higby two years to make and develop a new costume… slowly moviing us toward a sense of patience and timelessness

June 26th,2016 at 7:00 pm


For a photos,press passes, and interviews,contact email or visit

Sha Sha Higby received a BS in art from Skidmore College and spent five years in Indonesia under aFulbright Scholarship. She also studied for a year in Japan, and six months in India under an Indo-American Fellowship. She has received numerous awards and grants, including a NEA Fellowship in solo theater and grants from the Zellerbach Family Fund and from The Japan Foundation for collaborative artistic work.
She has performed internationally at the Festival Pierrott in Stara Zagora,Bulgaria,Alaska, Festival Internazional delle Marionnnette; Divaldo Korzo in Slovakia; the Festival of Sydney in Australia; Singapore Festival of the Arts; Hong Kong Fringe Festival; Tokyo National College Of Art; the Tokyo Textile Institute: Puppet Theater Festival; and the Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. In addition; she has exhibited her work at the Portland Art Museum; Arizona State University; San Francisco Folk and Craft Art Museum in San Francisco; Honolulu Academy of Arts; University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Columbia College Inter-Arts Program in New York; San Francisco Asian Art Museum; The Glass Museum in Tacoma, Washington; and Baltimore College of Art.


visit canvasses to animate stories of life, death, and rebirth.”  SF Bay Guardian

Borrows from the past, and creates something wholly unique!...always  
mesmerizing performance art.” SF Chronicle

Photo by Albert Hollander

For more information, visit Sha Sha Higby’s website at

 review of “The Glass Jungle”

“When Sha Sha Higby was a child, she once sewed a dress with 25 petticoats of different colors, so she could lift each skirt and become something else.

Today, the theme of transformation-and the concept of being hidden under

massive quantities of material-remains prevalent in her work, though she's

upgraded the media. Wood, leaves, paper, silk, lacquer, ceramics and gold

leaf form her fantastical costumes, while Noh theatre, Butoh and shadow

puppetry inform her performances, which could be labeled as "sculptural

costume in motion." In fact, Higby's performances are so ethereal that she

sometimes can't find the words to describe them: "The theme is that there's

something beyond our own world."


Her latest transformation is The Glass Jungle, inspired by a Buddha with

glass eyes she saw on a trip to Burma. "The eyes were blown at a factory in

the jungle," she explains. "There was glass everywhere. The title just

popped into my head." Evoking the desert atmosphere of glass and the

different seasons, the piece combines her White Ash on Water (2004) costume

and her new Glass Jungle costume, a skeletal design comprised of fine metal,

bamboo and felt, among other things. Like the petticoats, she will shed the

first to reveal the second. "Then another masked head will float down from

the ceiling to top it off like a flower emerging, blooming, fading,

dissolving, returning. I want my audience to feel all these emotions.


" She adds, "My work is never linear. It's very open, so people can interpret it

differently." See if you can find the words to describe it.”

-Karen McKevitt courtesy of


Reviewer: Been there...

5 Stars

“If Sha Sha Higby were in Japan she would be designated as a national treasure. Having said that , this show will not work for everybody. There is no discernible plot or agreement at the end as to "what it was about". It is a slow unfolding of almost primordial , dreamlike , other worldly images and sounds. The ability to bring a meditative state of mind to this performance is a definite plus. If you can slow down internally for the 60 minutes the show runs ,and allow it to just pass over/through you it can be a deeply moving , almost to the point of tears , experience. There is no explanation. A rare opportunity to see her perform close up.”

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