The performance is fairly flexible. It should be presented in a place where the audience has some quiet and can focus (ie a rock and roll band cannot be playing at the same time). The artists works with in a darkened & quiet space AT LEAST 10 feet (3.1 meters) deep by 12 feet (3.7 meters) wide, with either the audience or the performer elevated, and possible means to suspend props and lighting from above. Higby can also perform outdoors in natural setting. Indoor performances are best and most magical. Indoor performances require at least 4 ellipsoidal special spots with additional gobo breakup and 3 fresnel lights for deep dark purple wash. More light special are preferable. All performances are about hour, but require at least 15 minutes stage time both before and after the performance, for installation and audience viewing of the costumes.

Sha Sha uses a black background and black marley or black floor. We do not use the house curtains. The audience enters the theater with the performer already seated on stage 10-15 minutes prior to show.
Sha Sha work s with spots and tight areas of overlapping light rather that flooding the area. She uses elipsoidals so she can barn door and shape the light-several elipsoidals with side lighting in a deep purple- blue wash. Sha Sha uses a projector shinning on her costumes and can bring one. There is flexibility in this plot-, with pools of light with two colors coming from each side to highlight the sculpture on stage to create a magical effect. Gel Colors are Roscolux. On the plot lamps are grouped together lamps together that can work together all on one dimmer or circuit. Prefer to have each lamp on its own dimmer,but that is usually impossible in most spaces. We bring mp3 file for sound. We prefer 25 elipsoidals and 8 fresnels, with 6-8 hours set up. to make the best show.
The audience is often given borrowed instruments/squeakers to play during the performance. Announcements are given until after the show. Photography or videotaping except only by the venue or artist for documentation. If you have one tripod,I would like to borrow during the performance. Thank you!
Looking forward to working with you. Albert Hollander can run the dimmer board or assist. with the light plot .
Light Plot
copyright 2017 Sha Sha Higby