Tech Rider

email: SHASHAatShaShahigby.com if you are interested in doing an event but generally here is a range of costs for activities. We can certainly discuss the options specifically for you.

workshops may require a lesser fee
$1000 workshop
$2000 U.S. (simple set up, low tech ,local performance)
$4000 U.S. (single full performance, 2 persons traveling)
$4900 U.S. (single performance, one workshop,2 persons)
$6900 U.S. (half week, = 2 performances,one workshop,-2 persons)
$8000 U.S. (2 performances,2 workshops,one lecture ,2 persons)
($800 each additional event depending on number of people traveling)
$13,200 U.S. (one week run, with live music,3 persons and 3 workshops.

All rates are on tour in California. Additional travel expenses including baggage allowance required out of state. .Prices can vary upon situation and can change at any time.

Fee Range
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